The Iranian cyber police renew warning on cryptocurrency fraud

Parto Avazpour
Written by Parto Avazpour

There have been no licencess issued for websites covering cryptocurrency services, considering that the related officials are still examining the unregulated field, Iran’s Cyber Police Chief General Kamal Hadianfar declared.

People and foreign companies are using blockchain technology to execute and trade cryptocurrencies on online exchanges around the world, which are not accessible for Iranian users, Hadianfar stated in an interview.

He further expressed that blockchain technology can be used in multitudinous fields like economics, financial support, medical industry and etc.

Then, he added:

Cryptocurrencies are being popularly used in online and offline transactions and investments. they create a fitting opportunity for some countries, apparently. However, the independent state of cryptocurrency networks does not mean that they are not centralized. In other words, it can not be concluded that they do not belong to anyone.

General Hadianfar has also warned public and private organizations about applications, software, websites, telegram bots, phishing websites, emails, SEO advertisements, malicious mining browser extensions, and free airdrops.

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