The implementation of a national digital currency requires the central bank’s policy

Soraya Nildarar
Written by Soraya Nildarar

The CEO of Iran’s post bank emphasized that the elements in the design and implementation of digital currencies require the general policies of the Central Bank and the Ministry of the economy.

The CEO of Iran’s Postbank, Khosro Farahi, spoke about the design and implementation of the country’s state-backed Digital currency, which was supposed to be designed by the Ministry of Communication in cooperation with the Postbank:

Postbank has driven a pilot design in collaboration with Sharif university, but the components and specifications of digital currencies require general policies from the central bank and the Finance Ministry.

According to Ibena, he added that the informatics service has also developed a design on the implementation of Iran’s national digital currency:

It seems that the central bank and the Informatic services company are pursuing a plan and that they will provide appropriate solutions.

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