The first native digital currency in West Azerbaijan will soon be public

Soraya Nildarar
Written by Soraya Nildarar

According to Fars News Agency, Urmia held a self-employment and cyber-business conference focused on earning revenue from digital currencies.

The conference was held to introduce virtual businesses and digital currencies to a group of students and job seekers. Business advisers and virtual business activists provided training to applicants and participants during the event.

Arab Khodaei as the founder of West Azerbaijan’s Information and Business corporation expressed that the province holds elites in the information technology debate, adding:

Unfortunately, due to lack of payment and inadequate support, we see the migration of these people from West Azerbaijan.

The native digital currency produced by the ICT Company is named after the historical daric gold coin. Arab Khodaei proclaimed that DRICK can be swapped for other cryptocurrencies and that it will soon be available in neighboring countries of Iran.


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