Tehran Municipality pursues blockchain and smartalization earnestly

Soraya Nildarar
Written by Soraya Nildarar

During the second Smart Tehran congress, Tehran’s mayor stated that the issues facing the city could become limited through cooperation within organizations.

During the Smart Tehran event at the iconic Milad Tower, Tehran Mayor Pirouz Hanachi stated, “Urban development and transformation of Tehran into a smart city can be possible only through regular collaboration between the public and private sectors.”

The official went on to add that the city is taking firm steps towards blockchain technology as reported by Ibena.

To transform Tehran into a creative city it is necessary to use the infrastructure of emerging technologies, Hanachi stated.

Referring to the advance of infrastructures, the mayor further explained that 15 years ago it was not possible to view data on cell phones.

Hanachi maintains that the two concepts of electronic city and smart city are distinct.

Smart Tehran is a long-term project and not a short task. The infrastructures for making Tehran a smart city is being prepared by the ICT ministry and some agreements have been already signed between the ministry and Tehran Municipality.

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