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Sharif University now offers blockchain/ cryptocurrency courses

Soraya Nildarar
Written by Soraya Nildarar

Based on a report by waytopay, the course schedule for this year’s autumn semester in Sharif University’s electrical engineering college offers a variable unit course titled as the principles of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Dr. Maddah-Ali, a faculty member, says that Sharif University has designed a blockchain course for the master’s or Ph.D. level studies and that it is designed to be covered in thirty sessions, Based on the outlined schedule.

So far, ninety students have attended this class; almost half of them are electrical engineering, computer, and mathematics majors. Undergraduate students have also shown interest in participating in the course. Also, a number of students attend the class voluntarily.

So far, it has introduced some general concepts to the class; such as cryptography, and basics of cryptocurrencies, as well as distributed systems. The course encompasses multiple topics approaching major cryptocurrencies, altcoins, and blockchain-based systems.

Blockchain technology is constantly advancing, cryptocurrencies are still on the rise, and this area is quite dynamic. Therefore, there is no comprehensive source for teaching it to the students, Maddah-Ali declares.

Dr. MohammadAli Maddah-Ali continues:

As mentioned earlier, the course includes eleven chapters, every one of which is distinct in the topic that they cover. We attempt to teach the basics of this technology in an academic space. We have formed a research team of 25 assistants for this matter.

The information inquired by the research team is reviewed and taught by Dr. MohammadAli Maddah-Ali.

Dr. Maddah-Ali explained that Iran is likely to progress in this area as blockchain-based systems are expected to develop by the end of the next year. Therefore it is essential to enhance the academic basis and to provide the future workforce for companies.

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