Prohibition of holding digital currency exchange events

Parto Avazpour
Written by Parto Avazpour

The founder and manager of blockchain innovation lab stated that due to some prohibitions on cryptocurrencies, holding an event on this field will not be allowed.

Mustafa Naghipour declared:

The department of public safety has announced that the central bank has prohibited discussions about cryptocurrencies. Therefore, holding educational events in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies at hotels and public areas is forbidden.

He also added:

The blockchain school’s event, supposed to be held at Simorgh hotel on 19th   and 20th  of December, was abolished by the public safety department.

He continued:

It seems unlikely that the central bank has prohibited this event; according to CBI’s instructions, financial institutions’ trades are considered forbidden, but as these instructions are not scrutinized properly;  holding events covering blockchain and cryptocurrencies will be canceled just like this time.

The government and the regulators have not stated their expectations, and that is creating a challenge for blockchain and cryptocurrencies, even in the educational field, Naghipour added.

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