Parliament and Government must break their silence on digital currencies

Soraya Nildarar
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Ezzatollah Yousefian, who is a member of the parliament’s planning, budget, and calculating committee, has spoken on the subject of digital currencies’ importance. He has stated that the government and the parliament should break their silence on the field of cryptocurrencies.

According to ICANA news agency; Ezzatollah Yousefian has spoken about the importance of digital currencies in the world of commerce:

The reason for the government’s silence on some issues, including Cryptocurrencies, is that the intelligence Agency does not provide the necessary information in this regard.

He continued by pointing out that digital currencies could be profitable and equally damaging:

So far, there has been no work done on digital currencies due to lack of information; digital currencies can be profitable and equally disadvantageous, but we do not possess the information required to manage them.

The Representative of Amol in the tenth legislature of the Islamic Republic of Iran has stated:

Other countries that have normal economic conditions and are not involved in overseas political conditions have effortlessly used the digital currency space and have been satisfied with its condition until today. This method is a functioning one; however, Iran is a country with economic conditions that are not normal.

The silence of the government and the parliament on digital currencies must be broken.

In view of the prevailing conditions in Iran, Yousefian has stated that the parliament, the research center, and related commissions should enter the subject of digital currencies.

Iran should take measured steps into the Crypto sphere. Cryptocurrencies need to be directed in Iran; people should be informed about the international rules and laws governing the country, and it should be clarified whether trading Cryptocurrencies in the course of the sanctions is costly to the people or not.

Yousefian argued:

People have entered the digital currency market, but since this market is not predictable, the government cannot decide for it.

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