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Kosar Institute presents a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Seminar

Soraya Nildarar
Written by Soraya Nildarar

The first professional Seminar on “Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies” was held at Kosar credit institute, with the participation of several officials.

According to IBNA news agency; director of the e-banking department at CBI’s Monetary and Banking Research Institution, as well as deputies, directors, and experts had participated in the seminar.

During this event, the director of the e-banking department at CBI’s Monetary and Banking Research Institution, Nima Amirshekari, elaborated on the necessity of using cryptocurrencies in the country:

Today, a man who knows how to read and write is not necessary a literate man. The literate are able to transfer their intellectual possessions to others and use their knowledge in new areas. Cryptocurrencies have arranged a new field of education that is in priority.

Considering the rapid growth of technology, today’s world seeks one thing from us: synchronizing our imagination with reality. Holding such conferences can lay the basis of these alterations in the minds of the people and the society.

the director of the marketing and provincial affairs’ department at Kosar Institute, Mostafa Amjadian, also pointed to the fundamental changes taking place in the digital currency domain.

All employees should update their information step by step in order to avoid the institution’s backwardness in this section.

Amjadian later referred to the ups and downs of digital currencies in the past and said:

These events have attracted enthusiasts and investors to this field. Several countries have entered this area; the Central Bank of Iran is also preparing the necessary guidelines and regulations to use digital currencies.

Amirshekari also presented a number of articles on distributed ledger technology (DLT), different types of Cryptocurrencies and their applications, investment potential and concerns, smart contracts, and other Blockchain applications in financial and trans-financial industry.

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