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Iran to probably trade with Turkey through digital currency

Soraya Nildarar
Written by Soraya Nildarar

The Iranian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade has announced the possibility of trade with Turkey through digital currency.

On the sidelines of Elecomp exhibition, a question was raised regarding Iran’s plan to consider Turkey’s proposition of making money trades through Lira, Rial, or cryptocurrencies. According to Tasnim news agency, Sadegh Najafi has stated in response to the question:

The possibility to use Lira or Rial in trades has been passed for both countries. It will also be pursued by Turkish and Iranian banks.

He then added:

Some private banks might object. However, regardless of their objection there still are various ways of trading in both countries: companies and individuals that will pave the way for this purpose.

In response to the question of “Does Iran hold the required infrastructures for trading through cryptocurrencies or not ?”, he mentioned:

If the needed infrastructure for trading through electronic currency is provided, trading with such currencies will also become possible for both countries.

A national business system dubbed as “Samane keshvari kasbokar”/ (Sakouk), was also unveiled by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade at the exhibition to promote and facilitate business and foreign interactions.

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