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FirouzAbadi: Cryptocurrencies will be marked as “legal” in Iran!

Soraya Nildarar
Written by Soraya Nildarar

According to the Secretary of Iranian Supreme Council of Cyberspace, cryptocurrencies’ path will probably be opened in the country. However, the decision over which cryptocurrency is to be given a legal opportunity has not yet been made.

On the sidelines of Elecomp Exhibition, a question was raised concerning the meeting of Iran’s supreme council of cyberspace on cryptocurrencies: The central bank of Iran does not currently recognize such currencies as a legal tender. The Judicial branch of Iran Also blocks access to websites, dealing cryptocurrencies. At the same time, some believe that in the current economic status and flow of sanctions through Iran, Cryptocurrency can serve as a way to bypass limitations and be used by people. Now, “Will there be a legal path opened for cryptos in Iran?”

According to a report by Fars news agency; secretary of Iran’s supreme council of cyberspace, Seyyed Abu l-Hasan FirouzAbadi, thinks Cryptocurrencies’ path will probably be opened in the country.

Abu l-Hasan FirouzAbadi

However, In response to the question of “Which cryptocurrency will be considered legal?”, he said:

Not decided, yet. A task force in the Iranian Parliament Committee on Social is currently investigating the launch of virtual currency exchanges, mining cryptocurrencies, and which of them will be allowed in the country. The task force is presently working on the matter, and soon it will decide over the subjects.

FirouzAbadi, Said:

Creating joint national cryptocurrency is also put on the agenda for economic transactions between friend countries.

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