Cryptocurrency seminar hosted by Azad University of Bukan

Parto Avazpour
Written by Parto Avazpour

A member of Bukan Azad university’s academic staff argued that cryptocurrencies are sometimes mistaken for pyramid networks, Ana news group reported.

Cryptocurrencies have been known as offenders’ money for a long time.

This morning, on the occasion of research week, Edris khezri, a member of Bukan Azad university’s academic staff, discussed cryptocurrencies; mostly Bitcoin.
He stated that:

Bitcoin is an online financial market which is also decentralized. Neither anyone is capable of managing it, nor any country around the world possess it.

He discussed the storage options for Bitcoin, adding that two of the most secure choices for storing Bitcoin are online and hardware wallets.

He further pointed out the benefits of cryptocurrencies and mentioned unmediated Instant transaction, global payment, low fees, and a slim possibility of being stolen or forged, as the features of cryptocurrencies.

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