Blockchain studies are on CBI Agenda

Parto Avazpour
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The Central Bank of Iran has focused efforts on studies to benefit from Blockchain technology, the secretary general of Iran’s central bank says.

According to IBENA and the eighth e-banking and payment systems’ conference, the secretary general of Iran’s central bank, Mohammad Talebi believes that a majority of problems in today’s financial world will completely change, such as forging and fraud with the advanced Encryption system existing in the blockchain.

He also talked over the significance and sober necessity of blockchain technology. He added that the newly introduced technology is expected to be the second upheaval in the world after the internet.

It is predicted that blockchain will transform the entire structures created by the internet into a new paradigm and that it will produce eye-catching changes. Also, we foresee that the financial system in the blockchain era will change significantly.

He pointed out that financial system will take a new form after Blockchain:

Crowd financing is a new fiscal phenomenon and I believe that it will have a brand new form with blockchain technology. Besides, Blockchain employs supervisory tools differently, making investments more secure and more private.

He also noted that the 8th Annual Conference of Electronic Banking and Payment Systems with the theme of the Blockchain Revolution will be held in Milad Tower Conference Hall on 9th and 10th of February.

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