Blockchain in the 14th E-Public relations conference

Parto Avazpour
Written by Parto Avazpour

The 14th electronic public relations conference called “blockchain PR, immediate, safe and trusted” will be held in Iran.

According to the conference’s website for announcements and updates, The head of sciences committee of E-Public Relations Conference, Dr. Mohammad Soltanifar, announced that Blockchain has created a different potential and structure using a digital and algorithmic nature on the internet. He added that the technology has provided a secure, decentralized, immediate, disposable and participatory connection and transaction as well.

Blockchain has numerous applications in the PR field, including reliable communication between parties, exchangeable content, shared services, transparency of information for all beneficiaries, and confidentiality among members.

Dr. Soltanifar referred to holding a specialized panel on public relations and ways of dealing with false news in the end.

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