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An Iranian blockchain-based Cryptowallet is introduced

Soraya Nildarar
Written by Soraya Nildarar

On the third day of Elecomp exhibition, a blockchain based crypto wallet was experimentally operated.

According to Mehr news agency; in the course of Elecomp exhibition a blockchain based crypto wallet named “Samane keshvari kasbokar”/ (Sakouk), was introduced and experimentally operated in the presence of Dr. Sadegh Najafi.

Sadegh Najafi, the deputy minister of Industry, Mine, and Trade, called this wallet highly-effective for “reinforcing mediocre and minor firms” and said:

This will solve a serious problem for firms: It will increase their credit transactions and add to the acceleration and volume of their circulating supply.

He continued:

Launching Sakouk can currently support financing firms and provide the required circulating supply, independent of the country’s banking network.

The deputy minister of Industry, Mine and Trade concluded:

If we decide to utilize the capital resources of the country in the same way that we use National Development Fund, the past will reoccur. Supporting Sakouk’s national system, we attempt to circulate the economic activity of firms by means of getting more help from the current situation, the resources that exist in the banking network, and the capital market

It is also worth noting that during the trial period that has been determined for the blockchain- based wallet, Sakouk’s national system is open to receive suggestions, solutions, and feedbacks from small firms to enhance the quality of its services.

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